$UPPA is the DeFi BEP-20 token which fuels the Uppa financial ecosystem.

Token Credentials

Total Supply


Token Decimals

Supply Type

Source Code




Token Recovery?

1 Billion

Binance Smart Chain








Token Allocation

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 Maximum Supply: 1,000,000,000 (Fixed)

Liquidity Pool

55% (550,000,000 UPPA)

Development Fund

15% (150,000,000 UPPA)

Marketing Fund

5% (50,000,000 UPPA)

Core Team and Founders

25% (250,000,000 UPPA)

What does a "fixed supply" mean?

A fixed supply means that all tokens have been minted at deployment. It is impossible to create more tokens in the future.

What is a "verified" source code?

If a tokens source code is verified, this means it is fully compliant and compatible with all wallets around the world. You can check our source code by clicking here.

What is a non-burnable token?

Some tokens can be burned. Burning is the process of removing a token from circulation. Allowing a token to be burnt is legitimate, although we feel that removing this option is advisable to protect coins which are in circulation.

What is a non-mineable token?

By disallowing mining, no more tokens can be produced by the process of mining. The supply is 100% fixed, allowing for appreciation in value.

Why does this token operate on Binance Smart Chain?

The Bitcoin and Ethereum network are prone to high "gas" fees, slow transaction speeds and poor scalability.

Binance Smart Chain fixes these issues, which allows lightning fast transactions (Block time ~3 seconds) and dramatically reduced fees.

Binance Smart Chain allows users to build decentralised apps and digital assets on the blockchain and is compatible with cross-chain transfers.

Binance Smart Chain is the logical choice for mass adoption, based on all of these variables.