Connect to the platform

Sellers can add the Uppa integration into their existing store

Catch Hook

A simple catch hook receives all transactional data in real-time

Connect to thousands of applications

Set up easy to configure actions, such as emailing customers, sending customers promotions by Whatsapp or simply adding sales data to a CRM. All in our no-code environment.

Connect to the marketplace and supercharge your efficiency. No coding skills necessary.

With API technology, your sales process can connect to an unlimited amount of workflows, businesses become automated and their potential becomes limitless.

Supporters of API Technology

By providing a free API connection to external applications, workflows can be created to streamline sales processes and retain customers to the platform.

This technology allows users to be creative and use their own workflows to automate their business, without sacrificing any significant amount of time.

Our team have a tonne of experience in creating API's for all sorts of purposes. Our platform will connect to popular applications such as: