The De-Fi Checkout Platform

Uppa connects shoppers and sellers through its innovative platform.

Buyers provide their details to their Uppa wallet once, and never have to enter their details again. They can shop freely online using our native token Uppa. Make ultra-fast, one-click checkouts whilst maintain the security of blockchain technology.

Sellers receive vital first-party data, neatly organised in their Uppa wallet. Unlike current crypto-wallets, our sellers are provided with a custom https webhook - empowering them to connect their sales data to third-party apps such as Zapier, Xero, MailChimp, Slack and thousands of others. No coding skills needed. Run automated workflows to supercharge the sales process.

Send instant email confirmations, add the sale to accounting software, send customers a tracking link or even just add the sale information to a GoogleSheet. The possibilities are endless.

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Uppa Secure Wallet

Customers can shop freely using their Uppa wallet. Shoppers save their details once when they set up their wallet and never have to enter their details again.

Users can manage their balances easily and transfer between different cryptocurrencies, or simply convert their funds to their native fiat currency.

Uppa's checkout service is seamless and shoppers benefit from ultra-fast transactions whilst maintaining blockchain encryption security.

Sellers Supercharge Their Sales Process

Sellers receive vital first party data, neatly organised in the Uppa wallet.

Sellers can offer rewards for repeat customers and receive insights into shoppers habits to create life-long advocates for their brand.

Sellers also benefit from fraud prevention as UPPA tokens do not allow chargebacks or false positives.

By accepting UPPA in their existing sales process, sellers will have access to billions of dollars of potential spend, which they may not have had access to previously.

Simple API Integrations

Connect your sales process to our wallet and export your data instantly through our free API.

Users can:

  • Add customers to their mailing list in Mail Chimp

  • Send a Slack Message to a channel when a transaction occurs

  • Send automatic text messages to your new customers

  • Send invoices to your customers automatically

  • Send your customers a tracking link

  • Or even just add your sales to a Googlesheet

A de-fi technology-first approach to trading cryptocurrency

Built using the BEP-20 Standard for maximum cross-chain compatibility.

Users benefit from ultra-quick transaction times, low transaction fees and a scalable network whilst trading in a deflationary token environment.

Fast transactions

BEP-20 tokens can be traded at lightning speeds and invoices produced in a flash using Uppa's free software suite.


UPPA supply is fixed and deflationary. As trading volume increases, the value of UPPA increases.


UPPA operates on the blockchain and its source code is verified and public.


UPPA uses the Binance Smart Chain network which is known for its reliability and ability to scale.

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